Incense and it’s popular forms

Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that has been used for millennia to boost mental, bodily, and spiritual health as well as to facilitate healing. Incense sticks like Nag champa incense plays as important role in it since they have high essential oil content, incense sticks are highly used for therapeutic purpose, and Now a days incense sticks are used for stress Management too.

The simplest definition of incense is any plant material that is burned for its aromatic or spiritual benefits. Incense comes in many different forms. Agarbatti/ Incense Sticks, spirals or coils, cones, loose powders, and uncooked plant ingredients are some popular forms.

Incense sticks can be used for a variety of purposes, including aesthetic, spiritual, religious, and meditational ones.

The history behind burning incense sticks

Since ancient times, burning incense sticks have been a significant rite.

As early as 3300 BC, burning incense was discovered in India and Southern Asia. It was believed that burning incense sticks, done in conjunction with worship and prayer, could fend off evil spirits and purify the area. But the Roman Empire is credited with popularising it.

The agarbatti and spice trade between the east and west was crucial economically more than 2,000 years ago. It’s been estimated that 3,000 tons of incense traveled in the Middle eastern route each year on their way to the Mediterranean region.

Why Incense Sticks?

Whatever you want to call them—agarbatti, scents, aromas, or fragrances can be utilised to elicit particular reactions. For instance, to encourage rest, improve sleep, encourage focus, inspire creativity, boost motivation, and heighten happiness. There are also a plethora of spiritual, aesthetic, and pragmatic justifications.

Burning Incense Sticks

Burning incense sticks in an incense stick holder is to burn slowly and fill the fragrance all over the place and improve the feel. The tiniest point of the agarbatti should be lit with a lighter, match, or other open flames. Allow it to ignite, then douse the flame with water right away. What should be left should be a gently burning ember that is emitting aromatic compounds.

Incense sticks and Health

There have been a few studies around agarbatti smoke and its impact on human health. The quality of materials can vary, so it’s important to buy incense sticks that lists its ingredients with an incense stick holder. One sneaky type of component keeps making its way into the incense market, using synthetic aromas to make expensive resins seem more affordable.

Traditionally, agarbatti was made with tree resins, aromatic herbs, and woody plants, like Nag champa incense. Finding something created with high-quality materials is significantly more challenging in the modern commercial incense market. Today’s incense is frequently made of unsustainable plant harvesting practises combined with synthetic perfumes.

Synthetic perfumes have been linked to headaches and skin rashes in the short term, but they can have considerably more severe negative impacts on human health over the long term. When you shop for agarbatti and incense stick holder, be sure to do your research. Make sure you’re burning incense stick that’s made with natural ingredients like charcoal and essential oils. Avoid synthetic fragrances at all costs.


Relax and unwind

Essential oils from plants like rosemary, peppermint, and citrus have been found to enhance mental cognition, clarity, and focus when used in incense sticks.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Specific herbs are well known for their capacity to reduce stress and calm anxiety. For instance, numerous studies have shown that inhaling lavender oil agarbatti effectively lowers anxiety.


It’s common knowledge that meditation and yoga go hand in hand with incense. Burning incense is a great supplement to a yoga and meditation regimen since some of the essential oils that are most frequently used to flavour incense sticks help reduce tension and improve focus.

Stimulate creativity

By focusing and engaging the mind, incense sticks burning can aid increase creativity and the flow state.

Aid sleep

Lavender is regarded as a sleep-promoting and insomnia-fighting herb due to its well-known sedative properties. When getting ready for bed, incense stick burning scented with lavender essential oil may hasten your ability to fall asleep.

Air purification

Amazingly, a study revealed that an hour of incense smoking reduced the number of bacteria in the air by 94%. So these incense sticks like Nag champa incense will be of the utmost assistance in maintaining a fresh environment and pure air. For thousands of years, Buddhist monks have used agarbatti to purify the air around them.

Spirituality – A magical experience

The most significant occasion for using incense sticks is during puja. The main component of all spiritual prayers is camphor, as well as incense sticks. When Nag champa incense are burned, they release a lovely smell that brings about calm. Peace of mind is essential to all prayers because, without it, no one can meditate or offer peaceful prayer to God.


If you like incense sticks burning to feel these positive effects, make sure to seek out the best quality. At GIRI, we only use genuine essential oils and organic resins to manufacture incense. We think that keeping the air we breathe clean is the first step in maintaining the cleanliness of our rivers. Nag champa incense from Giri is a sacred agarbatti that purifies any surroundings, energetically transforming your space into a meditation room, naturally clearing out any cynical energy and filling it with optimistic vibrations.

Our incense sticks are created with bamboo-derived charcoal, which cleans the air as it burns by sucking impurities and germs out of the air, and are made without any chemical preservatives or synthetic perfumes.

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