Educational Visits

The Sri Raja Rajeswary Amman Temple was established in 1994 with the purpose of providing a communal space for worship to serve the Hindu community in south west London. The Temple is dedicated to Goddess Shakthi, who is the ever-powerful and all-pervading mother of love and grace.

It has been an aim of the Temple to strengthen ties with the local community as local primary and secondary schools regularly visit the temple as part of their learning in the National Curriculum to understand Hinduism and its practices. Furthermore local community groups such as scout groups, charity organisations and action groups have been welcomed at the temple by providing the opportunity to those with an interest in learning about the Hindu faith and for those who serve in a diverse community.

Visiting the Temple

Everyone is asked to remove their shoes before entering the Temple, this is because the Temple is viewed as the ‘Home of God’ and thus, Hindus believe ‘cleanliness is godliness’. Shoe shelves are provided outside the front entrance.

It is important to remember that the Temple is an open place of worship that is visited continually through the day by devotees who take time from their daily activities to visit the Temple. We humbly request ask our visitors to be respectful and mindful of our devotees by keeping volume levels to a low level.

The Temple has very limited parking, so we ask visitors to park mindfully, respecting local parking restrictions. Visitors are asked to dress respectfully and modestly, clothing that does not cover below the knees is not permitted.

The visit

A visit to the Temple usually lasts between 45 minutes and 90 minutes. The first 30 minutes comprises of a tour of the Temple, as the significance of each deity is explained also with other points of useful information about Hinduism. Following this, 10 to 15 minutes are given for visitors to explore the temple in their own time and ask any questions. This is followed by a sensory workshop whereby students/visitors look at Hindu artefacts such as statues, clothing and items which are used by Hindus to pray. There is a final opportunity to ask any questions and have a look around the temple before the visit draws to a close when the Temple offer fruit and squash to the visitors before they leave.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to Sri Raja Rajeswary Amman Temple. If you would like to arrange a school/scout visit or a guided visit for your family/friends, please enquire using the Contact Us page on this website.