We are celebrating Vaikunta Ehathasi at our temple on 22nd and 23rd December 2023. On the Vaikunta Ehathasi, it is believed that gate of Lord Vishnu’s inner sanctum is opened. The energies of the Lord are very close to earth on this day. This is Pooja all devotees can join with their Natchatra contact office 02083938147 £25 per family

In observance of sacred traditions, ‘sorka vasal’ (The path to Vaihuntham) preparations have been arranged to facilitate devotees in receiving the divine blessings of the Lord Vishnu and Goddess Maha Luxmi on this auspicious day.

Time: 22nd December 2023 & Repeated on 23rd December Saturday Morning

930am Maha Sri Sudharshana Homam

1030am Abishekum Lord Vishnu

11am Abishekum Ambal  12 Pooja

1230 Lord Vishnu Sahasharanamam

1pm Blessings of Lord Vishnu for all Devotees

The main benefits of performing Lord Vishnus Homam is to protect one from negative energies, evil spirits and enemies and Lord Vishnus Blessings for well being, prosperity, success and removal of obstacles.

630pm Maha Sri Sudharshana Homam

730pm Abishekum Lord Vishnu & Ambal 8pm Pooja

830 Lord Vishnu Sahasharanamam

9pm Blessings of Lord Vishnu for all Devotees