Sri Murugan Thirukalyanam 19-Nov-2023

The “Sri Murugan Thirukalyanam” is a significant event and a sacred ritual in Hinduism that symbolizes the divine marriage of Lord Murugan (also known as Kartikeya or Subrahmanya) with the goddess Valli. Lord Murugan is considered the God of War and Victory and is worshipped by many Hindus, particularly in South India and among the Tamil community.

The Thirukalyanam ceremony is a reenactment of the wedding of Lord Murugan and Valli, who is a tribal princess. It is a popular and joyous celebration that is often held in temples dedicated to Lord Murugan, especially in places like Palani, Thiruchendur, and Thiruttani, where these deities are prominently worshipped.

The Thirukalyanam ceremony involves the following key elements:

  1. Procession: A grand procession of the deities of Lord Murugan and Valli is carried out. The idols are beautifully decorated and placed on chariots or palanquins, and they are paraded around the temple premises.
  2. Rituals: Various religious rituals are performed during the ceremony, including the exchange of garlands between the idols of Lord Murugan and Valli, symbolic rituals signifying their union, and blessings from the priests.
  3. Music and Dance: Traditional music and dance performances are often a part of the celebration, adding to the festive atmosphere.
  4. Devotional Songs: Devotees sing devotional songs and bhajans dedicated to Lord Murugan and Valli, expressing their devotion and celebrating the divine marriage.
  5. Offerings: Devotees make offerings of fruits, flowers, and other items to the deities and seek their blessings.

The Thirukalyanam ceremony is not only a religious event but also a cultural celebration, and it attracts a large number of devotees and pilgrims. It is considered an auspicious occasion, and those who participate in or witness the ceremony believe it brings blessings and happiness to their lives. It is an essential part of the rich tradition of Murugan worship in South India and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion.


Nov 19 2023


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